Old Photos, and Mom vs. J. Simp…

I was going through my computer files today, when I came across some old photos of my parents that had been scanned sometime ago. Its always interesting to see old pictures. Seeing how much people have changed over the years, and maybe getting a little glimpse of what life was like back then…

This is a picture of my parents, from the early 70’s. I’m not sure of the exact date, but I gather is was not too soon after they were married…

Mom & Dad

Looking at this picture, it dawned on me, that my mother at the time, looked a heck of a lot like Jessica Simpson. Or should I say, J. Simp looks a lot like my mom? Mom did come about 30 yrs before Jessica…. hehe

Here’s a comparison:

J. Simp vs. Mom

Even the hairdo is similar! So, in theory, in another 30 yrs or so, when J. Simp catches up in age to where Mom is now, she should look a whole lot like Mom. That is of course if she doesn’t go all crazy with the plastic surgery and lip injections… as most Hollywood types tend to do.

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