Illustrator Tree [WIP]

Illustrator Tree [WIP] Originally uploaded by F.Scala More progress…. its getting there, slowly.I still think the main tree looks more like Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree than the tree in the original photo. And I added some random trees to the background that aren’t really in the original photo as well, bit the pine trees are […]

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I’m trying out Twitter…

in the trees Originally uploaded by F.Scala I’ve decided to give Twitter a try. I keep hearing about it, and its sounds cute! So I figure, why not. I added an rss feed of my tweets over on the right. Just in case anyone cares to check it out. lol Oh, and here’s my picture […]

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Fluffy pink trees

Every spring my neighborhood is filled with these fluff pink trees. Giant pink cotton balls to welcome you home every day. Everyone thinks I’m crazy for shooting film lately. But I kinda like getting back to the basics. Besides, its going to be a while before I can afford a DSLR (I’m thinking NIkon D60or […]

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