random updates…

Just a few things I’m currently working on…self prtrait, ear.

(Yet another) Self portrait. This is in just the beginning stages. Yes, its a wonky cell phone picture again… My camera is busy with another project at the moment. (See below.) I thought I was going to try this in pastels, but somehow I just kept continuing on in pencil… We’ll see what happens, maybe I’ll try both.

This is going to be a series of water drop/splash photos… the set up was pretty tricky for this one. I ended up with a baking pan since none of my bowls were wide or deep enough for the lenses I have and I couldn’t get quite the right distance away. Seems the combo of this bread pan and my 55-200mm lens and a couple of clamp lights are doing the trick… but its tough to get that lens to move fast enough to catch the action.

One thought on “random updates…

  1. I can’t find your email address! I’d like to use one of these images, with your permission, for a non-profit program that will be seen by thousands of people. Please contact me at shir@romemu.org by tomorrow noon, if possible? I can send you a PDF proof, which I hope will meet with your approval. Thanks for the beautiful images….

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