Summer is here

bokehberries Originally uploaded by F.Scala I’m not sure where the spring went though. It went from 60 degrees to evil overnight. Really hot. The Giant thermometer up on the middle school sign read 106 degrees today. Thats hot. Not Paris Hilton style either. Haven’t attempted to go outside much in the past few days, for […]

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coffee at the pita house, and my camera isn’t broken!

coffee at the pita house Originally uploaded by F.Scala I stopped by CVS today, and developed another roll of film. Mostly just silly shots, but I wanted to make sure that the problem I had yesterday wasn’t a lens or camera issue. I am happy to report, that all 24 exposures came out free and […]

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spring flowers and bad luck

spring flowers and bad luck Originally uploaded by F.Scala Taken with: Nikon FM & Nikkor 135mm 1:28 I am really disappointed today. I developed a roll of 36 exposures, and this is the only picture that came out. All the rest have these weird shadows/lens flares or something bizarre on them. You can see what […]

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