I almost had a bunch of pictures to post today, but instead, I’m about to have another nasty car bill.

I jumped into my car this afternoon, after finishing off a roll of film, to get it developed, and my car got me about a quarter mile down the road before it decided it had enough, and promptly stalled out. I tried to start it up again, and didn’t even get a sputter. So, after waiting on the side of the road for about an hour for a tow, and a ride back home, I am without a car, or a roll of freshly developed film.

Sucks. A lot.

And if one more person says “well, I guess its time for a new car…” I’m gonna SCREAM!

That’s all for now… Hopefully, the boy will be feeling up to a drive tomorrow and maybe I’ll get my film developed.

Oh! And I added another picture to the Traveling Gnome’s page, courtesy of Steve and his super cool new Verizon Dare phone. There’s a link over there on the right!

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